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Pachet Honoris Causa

The package consists of Toca Honoris Causa + Roba model Honoris causa + Lavaliera.

The cap can be used at various festive events, "Honoris causa" awards or as part of the festive wardrobe of university leaders.

The cap is made of velvet, cardboard and sponge.

The ribbon ribbon is made of satin, and here you can choose different colors from the palette.

The cap is lined on the inside.

The robes are made of high quality materials, velvet, cloth, minimal, strech, silk, etc.

Depending on your preference, each model can be personalized.

*In functie de numarul produselor comandate termenul de livrare poate varia de la cateva zila, la cateva saptamani, motiv pentru care recomandam plasarea comenzilor din timp.

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