What is a graduation store? 

This online store is a tool for facilitating contact between us (the article factory) and our clients. So you can find us more easily using the Internet, and moreover, you can place orders for the festivities you organize, directly on www.graduationstore.ro.

Why graduation store? 

It's pretty simple.

High expertise recommends us in the first place, with more than 10 years of experience in the field. The second aspect to keep in mind is the price; being manufacturers of articles, we have guaranteed the best price on the market for the quality offered. Moreover, because we are not just traders, we have the possibility to be flexible, so we can create customizable, unique items.

How does it work?

The process involves 3 steps.

  1. Check our catalog, choose which products you would like and place an order, or contact us by phone, email or any other communication channel;
  2. We set together all the details: number of products, product sizes, colors, event date, transportation, adjacent services (photo, video), payment terms, possible samples, etc .;
  3. Once the method and payment terms have been established, the production of your order begins and then the items are transported to the venue.